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Things to Consider In Buying Commercial Property in Gurgaon

One aspect of Gurgaon that stands out the most is its popularity quotient. Be it in buying a residential or commercial property, Gurgaon is the most preferred due to it being one of the rapidly growing sectors in the Real Estate. From luxury apartments and malls to retail stores, it has been rather fruitful in investing in a commercial property in Gurgaon for many.

Some of the notable Commercial Property in Gurgaon examples include M3M Broadway and M3M Merlin providing office spaces too.

But before you invest in a Commercial Property in Gurgaon, here are the following things you should consider:


Gurgaon is a thriving sector and no one can deny the fact! But making sure that your location is lucrative, accessible and budget-friendly is a given. It is not uncommon to find even expensive properties there. So make sure that you refrain from investing in a property that is too strict or hard on your budget.


Intertwined with the location factor, the area should be highly accessible for people to avail the appropriate transport to their most preferred destination. It must be located at the prime location, which makes it easily accessible from the nearest metro station, bus stand, or taxi stand.

Research and Survey

Thorough research and survey regarding the area that you are planning to buy your property in and the lucrative opportunities therein will mean a lot. In fact, it should rank topmost on your list before making any sort of property investment decision.

Growth potential

While the location might be favourable, scanning the neighbourhood and surrounding areas too is an important factor to be considered. It is generally advisable to opt for medium-sized properties keeping in mind the size, condition, expansion, and growth of your business in the future.

Make a through revision of the cost

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to buying a commercial property in a thriving area like Gurgaon. But be very careful about going through the ongoing and up-front cost which is inclusive of the government-specified taxes on land purchase.

Identify the potential leads

While making a property purchase, it is important to scan the retail zoning as well as the demographics of that area. Research regarding the kind of people living in the area, their standard income will help a lot in taking an appropriate jab at the situation. Again, this will help draw a lot of potential business leads and buyers, even to the extent of them being your brand evangelists. All in all, this will help turn your business into a successful venture.

Identify your target audience and market

Sometimes, even if the location is extremely beneficial, there is no use if your commercial property is not in close proximity to the right clientele. Hence identifying your target audience is crucial. Let’s say, you are a fast food or junk food selling joint. Therefore, establishing your business near a complex filled mostly with senior citizens won’t bring you much business. Again, an expensive clothes-selling brand won’t profit much from a complex filled with people earning moderate income.


Investing in a commercial property is a big decision and the one that can make or break your business. Hence one needs to be extra careful before investing in a property that can help their business flourish! At 100acress, you can find the best Commercial Property in Gurgaon. We offer a wide range of options for commercial property that can match your requirements in terms of location, area, facilities, and amenities. We also provide best deals and offers to our clients. Take a look at the wide range of properties and choose as per your wish. Our team of experts also helps you in searching the property that can match your budget and specifications.

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Commercial Property in Gurgaon Residential Property

Better Investment– Residential Or Commercial Property?

Undoubtedly, investing in Residential Or Commercial Property is a great way to grow your money rapidly. Because commercial and residential real estate investments are so different, it takes time to learn the ins and outs of both. Some people believe that investing in commercial real estate is the best option, while others believe that investing in residential real estate is the best option. It is difficult to say which is the best, but it is highly dependent on the investor’s goal, the risk involved, and the return.

Comparing Commercial Property investment and Residential Property investment is akin to comparing apples and oranges; both belong to the same genre, but their similarities end there. Before delving into each of their advantages and disadvantages, it is essential first to understand commercial and residential real estate.

Commercial Property

Buildings solely used for business purposes, such as office buildings, warehouses, retail buildings, industrial buildings, and business complexes. It refers to property that is sold or leased to achieve a specific business goal. Investors invest in this market to achieve the expected rate of return on their investments.

Residential Property

Includes apartment buildings, housing complexes, single-family homes, co-operative units, and so on. It is usually centred on meeting the needs of homeowners and their families or on becoming landlords and house-flippers. Many people believe that investing in Residential Property in Gurgaon is a better option because they are more comfortable buying homes, but commercial real estate can also be an excellent way to diversify your portfolio. Confused??

Below are the differences between Residential Or Commercial Property investments:

  • Rental Returns the primary motivation for making investments is to maximise returns. Returns on Commercial and Residential Property in Gurgaon investments vary greatly. Commercial real estate yields higher rental returns than residential real estate. If an investor invests in commercial property, they can typically expect a high return, ranging from 8 to 10 per cent, whereas the return on residential property will go from 2 to 4 %.
  • Risks– High returns come at a cost-the risk!! Commercial property yields a higher return but at a higher risk, whereas residential property yields a lower return. In the case of residential property, it may be vacant for a week or two before a new tenant is found. A high vacancy rate is the most significant risk in commercial real estate. It could be months, if not years before you start receiving rent from your next tenant.
  • Comfort zone– People quickly invest in residential real estate because they are familiar with it and understand the prices. They also understand the leasing process from a tenant’s perspective, as they may have rented property at some point. Residential fees are also stable. On the other hand, commercial property prices rise and fall due to external influences, making it difficult for people to understand the commercial leasing process.
  • Initial Funding– Acquiring a Commercial Property in Gurgaon typically necessitates a more significant initial investment (at least 30%) than acquiring a residential rental in the same area. Even after purchasing a commercial property, you can expect some significant capital expenditures. In contrast, depending on an individual’s income and credit history, 80 to 100 per cent of the purchase price of a residential property can be borrowed.
  • Outgoings– One significant advantage of owning commercial property is that the tenant is usually responsible for the majority of the outgoings, such as insurance, repairs, maintenance, and council rates. In contrast, the owner of a residential property uses the rent money to pay for rates, taxes, care, and so on.

While it is impossible to have a single option that meets everyone’s needs, it is critical to weigh the pros and cons of both options before making a decision. Choose the one that best serves your purpose!!